We Package Meals

Our volunteers package tens of thousands of meals to feed people living below the poverty line.


We Deliver Meals

Our meals are distributed to more than 40 nonprofits in New Jersey and New York City.  


We Feed the Hungry

The first year, we packaged over 50,000 meals. The second year, we delivered over 120,000 meals. This year, we’re going to deliver 250,000 meals.

Everything You Need to Know About End Hunger 3.6

Why are we calling our initiative “End Hunger 3.6”? Because every 3.6 seconds, someone dies of starvation or malnutrition.

Spearheaded by the 501c-3 non-profit, Madison Rotary Foundation, Eng Hunger 3.6 is a large-scale effort to combat hunger in the New Jersey and New York City. More than a million people live below the poverty line in the Garden State, and 20% of our state’s children rely on food stamps.  

How can you get involved? You can volunteer to package and deliver meals through the Madison Rotary Foundation. You also can donate to our program. Each meal costs only $.25.

For more information about homelessness in New Jersey, we encourage you to visit the New Jersey Coalition to End Homelessness and Monarch Housing Associates.


Get Involved Today. Donate to End Hunger 3.6! 

End Hunger 3.6 accepts donations via PayPal. They’re 100% tax deductible. To help us feed at-risk families throughout New Jersey, donate today.

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